Bats are nocturnal animals, and they do not hurt humans nor attack them but the sounds they make while flying is so annoying. Even though, they are considered relatively good animal but the look of bats can be scary to some people when they come across them whether in the home or attic. During cold weathers, bats usually enter houses accidently through the open doors and window obviously attracted by warmth. Also, the pungent odor they emit make most people to dislike them being around, and their droppings contains some microbes which is harmful to humans – it causes respiratory problems. It should also be know that if bats get furious it might be difficult to control or when they have found solace in your home. Below are the natural deterrent methods to drive away bats from the home:


As said earlier, doors and windows are one of the most commonly used entry points by bats. The walls in the house may have a small hole in it, and this may make it easy for bats to enter, even if the size of the hole is about 1 to 2 inches wide, it is enough for them to gain entry and create mess around. Therefore, if you find any crack or hole, you should find something to seal it up.


This is also known as moth balls, it is also one of the best solutions in getting rid of bat naturally from the home, it doesn’t only chase them away but also prevents them from coming back to your house. It is quite easy using mothballs, you just need to tie it in a cloth and hang it in the home. It is also important to know that the effectiveness and efficiency of the mothball depends on the ventilation of where it is placed. Also, caution should be applied when using it, because larger quantities of mothball can pose some health risks.


Using mirror with the combination of light is one of the peaceful methods that will not hurt the bat physically but will chase it out easily. As a nocturnal animal that bat is, they are afraid of light and will avoid anywhere there is light. You need to light the room in the daylight when the bats are sleeping, so the reflection on the mirror will easily repel all the bats around.


Christmas decoration is also another way to easily deter bats from coming to your home, this method is somehow cheap for those who couldn’t afford to spend money on bat repellents. The shining and the moving objects on the Christmas tree will definitely turn away the bats and may never come back again.


Eucalyptus oil is effective in deterring bats and at the same time effective in repelling insects. The odor of this oil will annoy the bats and force them to leave the house; one of the advantages of this method is that the results are quick. Just get some eucalyptus gel and spread it where you notice the presence of bats and you won’t see them near the place again.

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