Can raccoons climb brick walls or vinyl siding?

Raccoons are an excellent climber for them; it is not a difficult task to climb on the high places. They can even use a pipe to get on to your attic by passing through a vent or duct. People, who want to know can raccoons climb brick walls? The answer is yes, and they climb up as easily as we climb the step of stairs. Although humans feel though when there are too many stairs, when they have the motivation to reach on their destination, they can do it easily; the same case is with the raccoons. If they have decided to get on the top floor, they will do it no matter how many hurdles they face during this process. As we mentioned above, they are excellent climbers so they can climb the brick wall easily; you may be a wonder to know they can even climb the vinyl siding more easily. Anyhow if you find them on your attic or within your home, it is important to deal with them before they damage your property and make the places messy that later can be a reason for serious diseases. You need to get rid of them because they carry rabies.

How can you prevent raccoons for climbing brick walls or vinyl siding?

You can follow the given steps that will help you to prevent them from climbing.

Trim your trees

Check out there is any tee near to the brick wall or your home? If there is any, then trim them as soon as possible. Make sure there must be 10 feet gap from your wall or tree; this is the only way to prevent them from climbing.

Use of chicken wire

If there is no tree near to the wall, still they can climb up. In this situation, the only and permanent way is to use chicken wire around the walls, attic, and vinyl siding. If you feel they are within the house in this situation, you need to one point open for them that can allow them to get out of your home. Once they have gone, use the chicken wire at that place. This chicken wire is found to be effective in preventing the raccoons from climbing and getting into the home. You can also use a trap to get rid of them, but there are chances another family may enter within the home if you have not used the wires around your homes and on the walls. Raccoon dropping and urine can be an invitation to the other fellows. Anyhow you can also use humane animal trap and place them near to all entry point along with bait, it will attract the raccoons, and as a result, you can get rid of them easily. You can also use other deterrents to repel them like mothball; it is found to be too effective in deterring rodents. Place the mothballs near to all the entry points like near to vents, wall, on the attic, the smell of mothball is disliked by most of the animals, so there is a possibility they do not use the way where you have place these balls. Replace the balls when the odor is fade and if you found them effective to repel the raccoons.

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